To Leave a Message, or Not to Leave a Message…

That is the question many salespeople are asking themselves. As for me,  I typically don’t leave a message on voice mail for the sales prospect I am calling on. Now I know why, I hated the sound of my voice mail message.
Having recorded and listened to my phone message, I discovered that it was too ‘wordy’. Putting myself in my prospect’s shoes, I probably wouldn’t return my call either. Hey, nobody’s perfect…
The problem with most voice mail messages is that they sound like a sales call pitch. That alone, and by itself is enough to cause any prospect to hit the delete button right away. Now I’m thinking that if I can make my voice message sound humorous, and get it to peak curiosity, then perhaps my prospects will return my calls more frequently. So I got to work…
I finished writing a voice message script for myself this morning that I think will accomplish the objective, and get more sales prospects to call me back. I recorded it and measured the amount of time it took to leave my message – just 24 seconds! Then I put it to the test. I left 8 messages for prospects this morning, and by 10:30 AM I had 3 returned calls. Amazing what a little preparation and focus can do for the sales effort.

Then I got to thinking about what to do about those prospects that I’ve left a few messages for that were never returned, and probably never will. So, I came up with a new voice message script that is now succeeding 75% of the time in getting my sales prospects to call me back.

Here it is:

“Mr. Prospect, this is Peter Ekstrom calling”. “For the past several months I have left a few messages for you that have not been returned”. “It got me thinking”. “You know every night before I go to bed I talk to God, but for some reason I cannot get to talk to you”. “Rather than give up altogether I thought I’d give it one more try, so I’m leaving this message for you”. “Could you please return my call at 516-541-8160”. “I look forward to speaking with both you and God before the end of business today”. “Thanks”.

When they call back laughing I close them for an appointment.



One Response to “To Leave a Message, or Not to Leave a Message…”

  1. Jim Powell Says:

    Hi Peter

    Me again. Like your style – what is the worse that can happen either they do or they don’t. Fortune favours the brave.

    Another one you may like to try is the old hang up half way through the message technique. Make sure you leave your number early on then then just before you hang up use the phrase, it would be interesting to….then hang up. If you do it right they cant stand not knowing and call back I am on 3 out of 8 this week too – so not perfect but a start.

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