You Must Call V.I.T.O. (Very Important Top Officer)

If you haven’t read Tony Parinello’s book ‘Selling to V.I.T.O.’ you’re missing a valuable sales lesson. I had the opportunity to meet Tony in-person when he gave a presentation to the CEO Club here in NYC. His words resonate with me every day, “You have to start at the top”! I couldn’t agree more…

Every day I make a number of ‘gold calls’ to sales prospects over the phone on behalf of my clients. I have made a standard practice of calling the top executives (V.I.T.O.) of the companies my clients want to do business with. Given the current state of the economy today it just doesn’t make sense to call anyone else but V.I.T.O. (Very Important Top Officer). The middle manager ‘See-Mores’ just don’t have the juice to make the final buying decision, and they are reluctant to approach top management about anything these days.

How about you? When you make a sales call to a prospect are you calling the ‘See-Mores’ or are you calling V.I.T.O.s? If you are hesitant about calling V.I.T.O. let me offer you some reassuring advice. The V.I.T.O.s are a much easier call to make, and your chances of closing a sale are much greater with V.I.T.O. compared to calling on underlings (See-Mores’).

The next time you are tempted to call a middle manager underling with no spending power think again. Call V.I.T.O. Why would you want to call anyone else?
Pete Ekstrom


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