Piñata Prospecting

We’ve all seen a piñata game at child’s a party. The birthday boy, or girl is blindfolded, and they stand beneath a bag filled with candy suspended by a rope. The swinger is blind folded, turned around three times, and given a pole. They will then have three goes at hitting the piñata. Then it’s somebody else’s turn until someone cracks the piñata allowing the candy to fall to the floor.
Adults also like to get in on the fun, and sometimes they pull the piñata away from the swinger after they’ve been blindfolded, and have a laugh while the swinger swings wildly at absolutely nothing but thin air. Only a dog chasing its tail is more fun to watch.
What’s all this got to do with sales prospecting and cold calling? Plenty…

For many, sales prospecting has always been considered to be a pure numbers game. The rule of thumb states that if you take enough swings, and make enough blindfolded cold calls to prospects, somebody will eventually buy. Sounds like the game of piñata doesn’t it? If you take enough swings at the piñata, or make enough blind calls to prospects over the phone, eventually things will break open and your ‘candy’ will fall to the floor. In each instance success is measured in terms of how many swings, or how many blindfolded cold calls it takes to hit ‘pay dirt’. But is wearing a blindfold an effective way to fill your sales pipeline?

Take off the blindfold. Now how much trouble do you think you’d have hitting and breaking the piñata on the very first try? Suppose there were no blindfold for cold calling? How much difficulty would there be for you to close more sales appointments if you had some intelligent insight beforehand, and could see what you were swinging at?

Blindfolded cold calling can be frustrating, and a complete waste of time. Blindfolded prospecting can make you look a lot like that poor kid swinging wildly at an invisible piñata. Sales activity just for the sake of staying busy is not smart prospecting. You’ve got to do the research first, establish the target, and then make your sales call to a prospect. Take the blindfold off and see the piñata of sales opportunity, and then take your best swing. That way you won’t have to swing as much, and not as hard to get the sales results ‘candy’ you want.


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