Fun With Prospects…

The best advice I can give to any salesperson is to not take sales prospecting too seriously. If you prospect over the phone and take prospects too seriously you will sound like a telemarketer, and you’ll be treated like one. Enough said. Turn on your normal personality, and use that good sense of humor God gave you to calm your prospect’s resistance, and get them to engage you in meaningful conversations that yield the information you need to make a judgement call about how qualified your prospect really is.
In the following ‘gold call’ recording there are several conversational tactics that I use to move my sales prospects off the dime, and get them to feed me information. Believe it, or not, successful sales prospecting has very little to do with product sales, and most everything thing to do with how you ‘package’ yourself over the phone when speaking. If you speak ‘salesy talk’ to prospects it alerts their auto defenses, and they ‘clam up’ and withhold the information you need to confirm that you’ve called the right person. Don’t let it happen! Relax… Try speaking to prospects over the phone in a non-threatening way that leverages your natural humor, personality, and charm.
Don’t think you’re humorous, or have any charm? Then start kidding yourself and find some before your prospect finds someone else more interesting to talk to.


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