Are You A ‘Sales Rhinoceros’?

Did you know that Rhinoceroses have the thickest skin of any terrestrial mammal, and the thickest skin in relation to their size, of any animal? The skin on their backs and flanks can be 2.5 cm or 1 inch thick. That’s the kind of thick skin you need to succeed in sales these days.
On the other hand, if you’re a ‘thin-skinned’ salesperson it’s easy to become discouraged, and feel vulnerable when things don’t turn out as expected. In the wild, and wacky world of business you simply need to develop ‘thick skin’ like the Rhinoceros to make it in business, and to survive in your career.
Take a look at any Rhinoceros. In addition to their very thick skin, they are menacing looking creatures to say the least. Starting with their 5-6 ft. horns (actually matted hair protruding from their skulls), the Rhinoceros is an animal that looks like it can break down almost any barrier. Add that to the fact that some white Rhinoceroses can weigh more than 4,000 pounds, and you have a living and breathing form of a battering ram that is completely undaunted in its effort to move about. In fact, the only predator known to a Rhinoceros is Man, (armed with a gun, and very good aim).
Imagine for a moment if you were thinking like a ‘Sales Rhinoceros’. What would you possibly be afraid of? Certainly not a small-minded prospect that jerks you around, and rejects your proposal! Rejection is a natural part of the ‘sales game’. In the selling profession, there will always be some prospect, business partner, or customer that will take advantage of your ‘thin skin’ if you allow it to happen. Dealing with these sorts of people simply requires you to have thick skin, and go about your business like a Rhinoceros would. The question is whether you have the stamina and the thick skin of a Rhinoceros to take the bumps and bruises that often accompany a successful career in sales. If not, I suggest exploring a career outside of direct sales. After all, if you can’t handle the call of the wild, it’s time to get out of the jungle!


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