The Toughest Sales Call I Ever Made

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the passing of my beloved friend, and father-in-law, Neil J. D’Avino. He was a man among men to say the least, and one of my biggest fans. This time each year, on the anniversary of his passing, I think back to that day when I got the news that Neil had departed this world. I was on a sales call in Western New Jersey, calling on a company named Casio. I remember parking my car, and making my way to the front desk receptionist. As I approached the door, my cell phone rang. It was my wife Nancy, and she delivered the bad news.
Talk about a tough spot to be in. There I was waiting for my sales prospect to come out and greet me, and at the same time feeling a strong sense of grief. I found myself faced with a challenge most everyone in sales has, separating personal problems from the business. The grief had to wait.
I managed somehow to pull myself together. I thought to myself that Neil would have wanted it that way. As I went on with the sales meeting, I had all I could do to separate my personal life from my business. The good part was that I made it through the sales meeting, and managed to close some business.
Believe me, it was a very long ride home that night. But I felt better giving some credit to Neil in Heaven for helping me close a sale that day. What a coincidence I thought when I closed 3 new sales today. I couldn’t help but think that it was Neil’s way of staying in touch. Thanks Pal. If you were here I’d share my commissions.


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