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A Personal Breakthrough…

April 27, 2010

The person that says it can’t be done is right! What is standing between you and success is YOU, and you only have yourself to blame for not trying.
Have you ever heard someone tell you that you are your own worst enemy? Makes you think doesn’t it? What are you doing to yourself that causes pain in your career or your personal life? Are you afraid to give something a try out of fear of looking silly if you fail? Do you constantly second guess yourself, or draw the wrong conclusion based on prejudice? Happens all the time. Hey, we’re human, and we all make mistakes.
I recently began asking myself why I don’t have more new business than I do. My business isn’t suffering by any means, but my gut feel is that I could be doing better. Then I began to ask myself what sort of things I am doing, and NOT doing that puts distance between new customers and me. I was amazed by what I found.
For starters, I found that I wasn’t spending nearly enough time prospecting over the phone for new clients. I shrugged off the prospecting effort because I was busy servicing existing clients, or traveling to visit with a new client. That’s no excuse I thought. So I decided to change, and I got to work on my problem.
When I noticed that my prospect target contact information was all over the place and in no particular order, I built a crafty little system that organized my prospects in such a way that I found the added time I needed to make the calls, and drive my business development efforts. That’s when sales prospecting, and the effort involved with closing new business began to take on a whole new meaning for me.
Well, it’s been a month now since I changed my strategy, and I am definitely seeing results. I have more new business and a fuller sales pipeline. No miracle, just a conscious effort to recognize that the business development problem I had was with me, and no one else. I took matters into my own hands.
Yes, often times the reason our feet hurt is because we’re standing on them. Many of the problems we face in business are of our own doing. But having the ability to recognize our faults, and making the commitment to doing away with them is what separates us from those that never find their way out of trouble.
Happy Hunting…


Don’t Sell ‘Out of Bounds’

April 15, 2010

If you’re somewhat of a sports fan then you know what it means when a player steps ‘out of bounds’ – the play comes to a stop. It’s the same thing on sales calls. If you step ‘out of bounds’ with a sales prospect, chances are good that your sales call will come to a dead stop.
During my ‘gold call training’ sessions I often use the analogy of ‘staying in bounds’ whenever engaging in conversation with prospects. Be careful – one wrong word, or anything taken out of context, and you’ve stepped ‘out of bounds’.
On the other hand, when you structure the dialogue you have with prospects you are taking steps to make certain that you do not step ‘out of bounds’. By ‘out of bounds’ I mean doing the things that can damage a sales call, like talking too much, not listening to prospects, or completely forgetting to ask good open-ended questions.
Sales prospecting is a fine edge business because prospects are as inattentive as ever, and they have little patience for salespeople that can’t get to the point quickly, and who aren’t focused.
When choosing your sales call script, think about the kind of conversation you want to have with sales prospects as if you were in the sales prospect’s ‘shoes’. Keep in mind that less works best, and that leaving out the ‘salesy talk’ is probably in your best interests. Keep your conversation ‘in bounds’ with short sound bytes describing your product, and ask your prospects simple questions. Your prospects will find it refreshing that you’re not like all the other salespeople, and they are more likely to grant you the time you need to get your foot in the door, and on to closing more sales.