When It’s Over…

I breathed a sigh of relief this morning after speaking to a sales prospect I have been chasing down for the past 3 months. This morning, after having tried unsuccessfully to reach him several hundred times, I finally got through to my prospect on the phone. And before I could remind him about the sales call he missed with me a few months ago, he was quick to tell me that he wasn’t interested for some reason. If that’s how he felt all along, I wondered why he just didn’t say that to me in the first place. I must have called him a few dozen, maybe hundreds of times to follow up. It became a daily ritual. Now it seemed we had reached the end of the line in terms of doing any business. Bad for me? Not really.
Whenever I get closure I feel better. I hate when things drag on. Maybe if I had done a better job of qualifying things up front my prospect would have showed up for the sales call we scheduled. Lesson learned…

When It's Over...


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One Response to “When It’s Over…”

  1. Brian Levandusky Says:

    I would rather have one new prospect in my pipeline over 20 that I have to chase down lol

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