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Three Rings And You’re Out…

October 21, 2010

No matter who you call, most people sitting by their phone will pick up on the 2nd ring, and the remainder of the world’s population will pick up the phone on the 3rd ring. You know who typically answers the phone on the 4th ring? The answer is ‘Voice Mail’.
Considering that dialing the phone is largely a ‘numbers game’ in terms of getting through to someone, the problem with cold calling is the shrinking amount of time you have each day to actually get someone on the phone. Studies show that your chances of reaching a prospect live on the phone are much better earlier, or later in the day, 1-2 hours at best. If you add up the time you’re waiting for someone to pick up the phone, say by 4th, or 5th ring, you can run out out prime cold calling time very quickly waiting for prospects to answer their phone.
I recommend limiting your cold calls to 3 rings to save time. If the prospect doesn’t answer on the 3rd ring, then chances are very good that he won’t. After 3 rings hang up and dial another prospect’s phone number. Doing this will undoubtedly increase the number of call attempts you can make each day, thus increasing your chances of getting through to a prospect on the phone. Unless of course, you want to start leaving more voice messages that don’t get returned, or talk to more secretaries that screen your calls …


Cold Call ‘Camping’…

October 1, 2010

If you are a cold calling salesperson then you know that most of the time you dial a phone number you are bound to get a voice mail greeting instead of the prospect picking up the phone. As for me, I find that for every 15 times I dial the phone, just one prospect will pick up the phone. That’s why I’ve resorted to cold call ‘camping’ to increase the number of times my prospects answer their phone.
In my book, not all prospects are created equal. That said, I always put my priority prospects into a select group at the top of my call list. Since it’s become so difficult to get through to prospects on the phone, I’ve resorted to ‘camping’ on their phone number, and dial them up perhaps 2-3 times in an hour.
By ‘camping’ I mean staying on top of a particular prospect through a repeated process of dialing their phone number throughout the day.
These days, it makes no sense at all to call your prospect just once a day and hope for the best. Odds are you’ll never reach them. Try ‘camping’. Call them early, late, and often to increase the odds you’ll get through, and close more sales appointments. That’s the right way to play the ‘numbers game’.