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Don’t Sell – Be Happy!

January 25, 2011

Jack LaLanne at his best...

I opened up the morning paper to see that a favorite person of mine passed away yesterday. His name is Jack LaLanne. I’m dating myself when I tell my readers that I remember my mother watching Jack’s TV show during the day when I came home from school. Jack was a man of energy for sure. He always had a positive attitude, and a dynamic personality that made him a star. Jack was 96 when he passed away, and quite frankly I thought he’d live forever.
Every day we face the trials of life in general. There’s plenty of challenges to face, and there are two choices each of us have in facing those problems, either we can run and hide, or face our enemy and deal with the problem head on. But facing your problems head on requires you to have a positive attitude. That’s probably why most people run and hide from their problems. But remember this, a positive attitude never hurt anyone, and a problem left unsolved will only return as twice the problem it once was. Get in front of your problem and remember that there is a solution to every problem. Remaining positive and upbeat in spite of your negative circumstances will help you find the solution quickly and easily than taxing yourself emotionally. Easier said than done, but give it a try…
The pressures of selling products and services are abundant. In fact there is a lot more disappointment in business than the thrill of victory. It goes with the territory. So my advice to you is to think, act, and behave like Jack did. It’s amazing how being happy can actually help you close sales.


Record Your Calls!

January 21, 2011

If you want to get your foot in more doors, it helps to be a proficient speaker! Simply put, if you can’t articulate, you can’t sell. This you already know. What you may not be aware of are the benefits of recording your speaking voice when prospecting over the phone. Practicing your speech articulation by recording and listening to your cold calls is a great way to improve your speaking skills. At first, you’ll probably be uncomfortable hearing your own voice chatting it up with a prospect on the phone, but you’ll get used to it. Try it and see…
The benefits of recording and listening to your speaking voice are twofold. First, it helps to understand what your saying to prospects on the phone. Do your words get in the way? Do you talk too fast, or talk too much? These are simple problems that can be fixed, but the first step is knowing the problem before you can solve it. Listening to yourself on the phone will tell you.
Secondly, listening to your recorded calls with prospects will tell you something about the scripting of your call. Is it something that prospects want to listen to, or does it sound too much like a sales pitch?
For years I’ve recorded my calls with prospects over the telephone. As I listen to the calls I’ve recorded, I hear exactly what needs tweaking, and also what works best with prospects. Recording your phone calls is easier than you think. Visit http://www.olympus.comĀ  they have several hand held digital voice recorders up for grabs.