Money is the Courage of Mankind


Isn’t it interesting how the topic of money, or the cost of something is usually the last thing salespeople want to talk about? I guess they like to save the best part for last. As salespeople we seem fine with putting off the discussion about money until the very end when we feel that we’ve built up enough value in the mind of our prospect so cost doesn’t matter. When that doesn’t work we fight like crazy to overcome price objections. If we only had courage to talk about money up front then we could spare ourselves the pressure with overcoming objections. Why do salespeople prefer to hide behind a bush rather than talk about money with sales prospects?
Let me try and answer my own question…
If you are desperate for a sale, you will see the cost of your product as a potential ‘deal-killer’. It’s amazing how sensitive we become to the subject of money when we think we’re broke.
Losing YOURfear of money‘ is what makes you an excellent sales prospector and negotiator. Face your fears head on. Talk about money up front and ask your prospect about their budget, or the cost of the problem they have. How much, or how little money you have in the bank should not determine how you execute a sales call. Your prospect knows a desperate salesman when they hear one so stop sounding like you’re poor! Have the courage to talk about money up front.
You miss 100% of the shots you never take. If you don’t have the courage to ask for money you’re unlikely to get any of it…


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One Response to “Money is the Courage of Mankind”

  1. Brian Levandusky Says:

    The less you act like that you dont need them the more they will want you and you wont look deserate

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