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You Can Talk To Anyone…

March 8, 2011

…When you know what you’re talking about and have a strong sense of purpose.
The real reason behind why salespeople have trouble achieving success with prospecting for new business over the phone is the difficulty they have calling on complete strangers, and the specific fear they have of public speaking.
Its been said that the number one fear people have is the fear of speaking to strangers, or to be up in the front of a room speaking to an audience of people. The second greatest fear people have is Death!
Funny as it may sound, people would rather die than get in front of people and speak.
According to Jerry Seinfeld, if public speaking was a funeral, your average person would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.
There isn’t a sales method in the world that is going to help you if you can’t do away with the jitters in conversation that make you sound like an amateur.
You want to be taken seriously by prospects, don’t you? Well, unbeknown to most people, their awful speech delivery is killing their chances of breaking through and getting the attention they need to sell their products. It’s over before it even begins.
When you’re nervous it shows. In the 4-5 seconds it takes to form that first impression of yourself, the prospect instinctively decides whether to pay attention, or brush you off. With time and attention hard to come by, you can’t afford to miss a beat, or speak one single word out of context. You have to nail it every time, and you must be PERFECT in speech, and managing the conversations you have with prospects.
Want to chase away those ‘jitters’ and command more control over the conversations you have with your prospects? Try attending a local Toastmasters meeting at your local library.
Search for a local Toastmasters club up on the Toastmasters website, and attend a 60-minute club meeting. It’s free to attend, and only $33 for annual dues if you decide to join. The course curriculum is well defined, and will help you develop your speaking and presentation skills in ways that will build your confidence and empower you in ways you never knew existed. Control your destiny – become a Toastmaster today!