Saying Goodbye to a Prospect…

Goodbyes are never pleasant, especially when its time to say goodbye to a prospect. In the real world of sales, some prospects simply don’t qualify. Either they don’t have a problem that needs solving, or the problem they have isn’t a priority. Like anything else in life, every situation needs closure. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to prospects, and put an end to the misery of endless follow up calls. The key is to do it with class.

This morning I decided to give my prospect one more try to see if we could do any business together. After many unsuccessful attempts to reach him by phone or email, I finally made contact this morning. The dialogue we had was easy going, and I put no pressure on my prospect to tell me what I wanted to hear, like the word “maybe”. The ‘magic wand’ question I use is most effective for making absolute certain that the opportunity to do business is ‘not in the cards’. In this case, I got an answer that was not what I wanted, but at least I got closure – my prospect wasn’t a prospect after all. 
Saying goodbye to a prospect is hard to do, but necessary if you are to remain strong in all your dealings with other prospects. You cannot grow as a salesperson until you are ready to take a “no”, and accept it for what it is.


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One Response to “Saying Goodbye to a Prospect…”

  1. Jim Says:

    Nice Post.

    And let that be a reminder to us all. If you can’t help them take the “no” and move on – live to sell another day.

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