Marbles in Your Mouth…

Ever wonder where the term ‘Marbles in Your Mouth’ originates from? The expression is ‘Get the Marbles Out of Your Mouth’, meaning Speak Clearly, or OUT WITH IT! The Greek orator Demosthenes is said to have overcome a speech impediment by speaking over the roar of the ocean with pebbles in his mouth. While severe stuttering is a medical problem and should be addressed by a health care professional, mild stuttering and other speech obstacles are impediments no one need suffer.

Do you occasionally get caught on a word? Do you read smoothly, or does your speech break in places where it shouldn’t? Do you say ‘uh’ or ‘like’ between every word? Here’s how to fix it.
Materials Required
* Boiling water (don’t worry, it won’t hurt!)
* Mouth
* Marbles
* Books (preferably a Dr. Seuss, a Harry Potter, and a Bible)
Marbles may pose a choking hazard.
Do not just drop marbles into boiling water – they may shatter! Allow them to heat with the water instead.
1. Sterilize 2-4 marbles in boiling water.
2. Grab a Harry Potter book.
3. Put marbles in mouth, but don’t swallow!
4. As clearly as possible, read the book out loud.
5. Hear speech problems disappear!
Added Benefits
* Improved enunciation.
* Increase lip and tongue coordination.
* Greater appreciation for unimpaired speech!
Why does it work? Marbles force you to speak slowly and to concentrate on the actual mechanics of speaking. They also make it hard to make any unnecessary sounds – so you won’t say ‘uh’ or ‘like’! Most importantly, however, the break old habits. When you are focusing on speaking itself, you don’t utilize the same neural pathways that caused your stuttering, pausing, and other speech impediments. New habits replace the old!
To increase the marble drill’s effectiveness, use Harry Potter (or another book) as a gage only. Read Dr. Seuss to increase flexibility and speed, and read the Old Testament to really break the old habits and give your brain a workout along with your mouth. When the reading gets easier, go faster!
Happy Speaking!


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