Go for “No”

Believe it or not, getting prospects to tell you “No” (the truth) up front can actually benefit you. Assuming you are a confident salesperson, with superior communications skills, going for the “No” is a lot easier and smarter than you think, and it brings with it plenty of benefits. If hearing a prospect tell you “No” doesn’t hurt, then go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

As ironic as it may seem, when you ask questions that lead to, or sound like a “No”, often times you’ll find that prospects will work conversation in the opposite direction, and wind up saying “Yes”. That’s the key benefit behind going for “No”!

In a practical sense, during the course of conversation you can ask questions in ways that openly welcome rejection, or get your prospects to tell you “No” up front. Fight all your battles up front, don’t wait! The truth only becomes more elusive as time goes on. Try asking negative questions to engage prospects in conversations that help lead to truthful answers, whether those answers be “Yes” or “No”.

Here are two ways to ask the same question:
* (Positive) Would it benefit you in any way to have a faster process than you have now?
* (Negative) I don’t suppose it would benefit you in any way to have a faster process in place, would it?

Negative Questions help bring forth truthful answers from sales prospects because they’re easier to answer. Admitting need, or admitting to having a problem is not an easy thing for prospects to do. So if you phrase your questions in ways that make it easier for your prospect to say “No”, you’ll have an easier time getting to truthful answers, and also understanding what kind of prospect you’re dealing with. Why are they saying “No”?  Is it “No” not now, or is it a “No” not ever? The point is, once you know the objection, or get a “No” from a prospect, then you can deal with it out in the open, and work your conversation in ways that validate whether the prospect is really saying “No” out of a lack of need, or saying “No” just to get you off the phone.
And… Don’t debate your prospects by trying hard to change their “No” to a “Yes”. Go easy.  Besides, the prospect always wins the debate no matter what you say.
A “No” is not the end of the world for any sales person. In an ironic sort of way it can actually be a good thing. There are a lot more “Noes” in sales than there are “Yeses”. Going for “No” requires you to be objective and candid in your dialogue with prospects. Place more emphasis on getting to the truth and ‘dare’ your prospects to say “No”. Once you know the real truth behind why your prospect says “No” it’s much easier to decide on what to say next in order to perhaps turn your “No” into a “Yes”.


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One Response to “Go for “No””

  1. Brian Levandusky Says:

    Most of the time Yeses if not accompanied with check lead to deals that never close

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