Pick up the phone and call!

As the author and instructor of The Gold Call Script I discuss many problems my students bring up about cold calling on the telephone. I’m sure you’ve heard a few of them; trouble getting past the secretary screen, leaving voice mails that never get returned, handling aggressive, or disinterested prospects, lousy sales leads, and so on. One of the problems I hear most often are the problems salespeople have getting more prospects to answer their phone”? My answer – increase your dials!
I know dialing the phone dozens of times a day is a mundane task, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Do nothing and the results speak for themselves!
The bigger question is about what is keeping you from dialing the phone as much as you need to in order to make contact with enough prospects. Could it be because you are self-conscious? Worried about your loss for words? Do you wince at the slightest bit of pressure when the prospect picks up their phone? All this may be true, but you gotta dial the phone anyway! You miss 100% of the shots you never take, so take a shot and pick up that phone, and take your medicine.
So what if the prospect is a ‘mental case’. Your job is to make contact with prospects no matter who they are. And if you’re going to let the effort, or even the thought of the effort stand in your way, you’re not going to make it in sales – period.

Bill Gates, one of the most successful businessmen in history, started out as a high school student who spent hundreds of boring hours programming computer code in the school’s computer lab. Often times he fell asleep at the console working into the wee hours of the morning driven by his burning desire to create a product we are all familiar with by now. The point is this, spectacular achievement is often preceded by unspectacular preparation. Cold Calling is that unspectacular preparation…
So now I ask you, are you a winner? Do you want to be a winner? Do you want to feel like a winner? Then pick up that phone and drive your calls to an end-point of decision each and every time. Execute with precision and strive to be the best! Find the discipline it takes to make the effort, and double the times you dial the phone each day. Even if you fail to reach anyone, or if the responses are all negative, you have still succeeded because you made the effort. Don’t let prospects, and others decide your fate. Take control over your effort and you will control your destiny. Now go pick up that phone and call someone!


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3 Responses to “Pick up the phone and call!”

  1. Forex Leads Says:

    This is a great article for everyone who wants to be successful in cold call telemarketing.

    Everything comes to Time Management and of course to the Numbers Game – the more numbers you dial the more chances you have to speak to the right person, who will be your next client.

    If you are into this type of business don’t waste your time with all kind of unnecessary activities which prevent you from dialing the next number (probably your next deal). Be concentrated and don’t be afraid of the people from the other side – they don’t bite.


  2. Brian Levandusky Says:

    Cold Calling is a numbers game. The more dials than better chance of finding an interested prospect. The way I was taught if you had a 100 dollar bill in an envelope and you had 100 envelops would you open them all till you found the right one

  3. goldcall Says:

    Another great comment Brian. Never heard that one before – 100 envelopes to open…

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