Dear Abby, My Uncle’s a Salesman!

Dear Abby,
I am facing a real problem that I am hoping you can help me with. First, let me share some background.
When I was very young my father ran away and left my five brothers and two sisters to be raised alone by our mother who had a drinking problem. When our mother wasn’t drinking she would try the best she could to support us. She worked two, and sometimes three different jobs to try and make ends meet. One night while on her way home from work our mother was killed in an automobile accident. Suddenly, I was left alone to fend for myself at the age of fourteen.
I dropped out of school and began hanging around with all the wrong people. I began drinking and taking drugs, and eventually started shop lifting to support my drug habit. I was arrested for stealing and was sentenced to spend three years in a half way house for drug rehabilitation. It’s been a hard life, but I’m making progress.
A few weeks ago I met a beautiful girl, and we have begun to date. She doesn’t know anything about my checkered past, but I think she’ll understand if I tell her.
This past Monday I received word that I will soon be released from the rehab center provided I could find a place to live. My uncle has offered me a place to live. He is a salesman, and travels away from home most of the time. He wrote in his letter to me that I could stay at his place while he’s out on the road making sales calls. That’s the good news.
Here’s my problem. I think my new girlfriend would forgive me if I came clean and told her the truth about my criminal past and drug abuse. On the other hand, how do I find the confidence to tell my girlfriend that my uncle is a salesman?
– Worried in Kansas


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2 Responses to “Dear Abby, My Uncle’s a Salesman!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Dear Abby

    To save the embarrassment, you maybe well advised to tell her that you uncle is a stripper.

  2. goldcall Says:

    Good one Jim! LOL

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