About Leaving Voice Mail Messages…

I am 180 degrees in the opposite direction of how many ‘sales pros’ feel about leaving voice mail messages, as I am totally against it. What you will find most common with salespeople that decide to leave a message is that their justification for doing so is based upon their belief that doing something is better than doing nothing. They feel better about themselves when they make the effort to leave a message. It gives them hope…
In comparison, I guess I could get a similar sense of hope by going down to the beach with a blow torch and trying to boil the ocean. I know it’s impossible to do, but I would still get a ‘feel good buzz’ knowing that I tried. That’s what leaving voice mail messages of solicitation does for salespeople. It gives them a sense that at least they tried. And then maybe, just maybe if they leave enough voice mail messages somebody will call back. Hope reigns eternal…
Leaving voice mail messages that solicit business, and expecting a return call is a pipe dream, and shame on those that promote it. Think of how many voice mail messages your prospects get each day, and the countless dozens of emails they have to sift through. A recent study shows that your average worker spends up to 2 hrs. per day sifting through emails and phone messages. That’s 40 + hours (another work week) per month. The mindset of your average prospect is to cut through all this communication clutter and get to the core of what means the most to them in terms of their job responsibilities at a specific point in time. Believe me, prospects aren’t looking through their emails, or listening to phone messages with any great attention to detail. When they hear a salesperson talk, they know it right away. It doesn’t matter how good the voice message script is. The simple fact that the prospect doesn’t recognize your name is sufficient enough cause for them to hit *6 and delete your message into the abyss. But once again, if you need a sense of hope, you’ll leave a message anyway if only to achieve the same sense of possibility you get from buying scratch off lottery tickets. Hey, ya never know…


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