No Money in Being ‘Ordinary’

I was on the phone this afternoon with a new student of mine. We got down to talking about what it takes to get ahead in this world. Of course I cited the usual answers as to what it takes; like being motivated, having a dream, and making a commitment to the effort required, and so on. But when I gave further thought about what it takes to get ahead from my own personal perspective, I thought that my answers sounded too cliche. So I explained to my student that what it really takes to get ahead in today’s business world is that you’ve got to be EXTRAORDINARY. There’s simply no money to be made being ‘ordinary‘.

Being ‘ordinary‘ today has become quite a commodity. Seems like the ‘ordinary‘ is everywhere. Anytime you see people waiting in line for anything, you might describe them as being ‘ordinary‘. On the other hand, those that get to the head of the line, or avoid the line altogether, are the ‘extraordinary‘ ones. They found a way to get past the obstacles that typically stand in the way of ‘ordinary‘ people, and they became ‘extraordinary‘ by doing so. They got what they wanted, while the ‘competition‘ (other job hunters, or salespeople) are still waiting on line, or waiting by the phone for opportunity to call.

With ‘ordinary‘ being so commonplace, it’s simply not something hiring managers, or prospective customers are paying much attention to these days. The ‘ordinary‘ are easily brushed aside, and disregarded as the same old – same old. To get ahead in terms of career development, or doing more business, one must realize the benefit in becoming ‘extraordinary‘ in that being ‘extraordinary‘ will get you noticed more often, and by more people that can do good for you.

If you strive to be ‘extraordinary‘, and want to leave the ‘ordinary‘ behind, you might ask yourself what is it that is holding you back. What is keeping you from becoming ‘EXTRAORDINARY‘ in everything you do?


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