Monetize Your Network!

You have no one else to blame if you feel that you’re making too many cold calls. While I am a strong advocate of cold calling for new business, I do recognize that there are other ways to find new customers. If you’ve been in business for awhile, then you’ve probably met dozens of people that you made contact with. What you may not realize is that everyone you’ve ever sold to, or made contact with in the past can be a source of new business for you. If you lose touch with your network of contacts it highly likely that you are missing out on some very big opportunities because you chose to remain silent. It goes without saying that keeping your business a secret is no way to achieve success.

The misconception about networking
Most salespeople look at networking as purely a lead exchange event to trade business cards etc.. Furthermore, if making contact with people to discuss your business doesn’t result in new customers right away, you’ll find many salespeople give up, and throw in the towel on business networking. That’s a bad move…
Although exchanging leads is part of the equation, it certainly isn’t the entire picture. Making contact is one thing, but staying in touch to make networking pay off is another story altogether. And I might add, this is where you need to be patient and work the process. This is where most salespeople fail. They stop networking themselves, and drop out because they lost sight of the value because they didn’t get an immediate return. There’s an old proverb I heard awhile back and it goes like this; “Work the process, and await the result in peace”. Getting an immediate return is NOT proper networking. Working a process for staying in touch with people is your best bet. Be assured that working a consistent process of networking yourself will eventually yield the results you are looking for.  Maybe not right away, but eventually.

Remember that you can’t shoot the moose from the lodge. You’ve got to get out there and find those that can help you get what you want. All you need to do is be willing to help others get what they want. Once again – work the process and the results will follow.
And one final word, do you have a LinkedIn profile, and contacts you are connected to? How often are you reaching out to people and dropping them a note to see how they’re doing? Not very often? Why not?


One Response to “Monetize Your Network!”

  1. Brian Levandusky Says:

    When I network at networking event or on LinkedIN I try to see what I can do for them first before asking them for sale.

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