Remembering Zig Ziglar

Greetings Gold Callers! If you haven’t already heard, Zig Ziglar passed away yesterday at 86. If you don’t know who Zig Ziglar is let me say this – Zig Ziglar was a folksy Texan that ‘owned’ the stage whenever he gave a motivational speech to salespeople. His baritone Texan voice delivered a message that was easy to connect with, and an absolute pleasure to listen to. The one thing that surprised me was that Zig didn’t write his first book until he was 49. You see, it’s never to late to start. All you need is the ‘get up and go’!
Now I don’t know what your hopes and dreams are in the current world we live in. Things are uncertain on many fronts. But let me tell you this, defining success in life and business has never been easier. Sure, it’s much easy to look at all the bad there is around you, and feel despondent about your chances of success. However, you are luckier than you think! You don’t know it because you are just not looking at things the way you should. This quick video from ol’ Zig explains.
If there is such a thing as ‘sales heaven’, I’m sure ol’ Zig is looking down on us wishing us all the best in his world, and offering up his words of encouragement to help us find it.


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