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GlenGarry Glen Ross – Redeux

December 10, 2012

Pete GlenGarryLast week I went to see GlenGarry Glen Ross on Broadway. Seen the movie, read the book, but I just had to go and see Al Pacino take a crack at playing the role of Shelly ‘The Machine’ Levene’. Al was great, as were the other notable cast members. Bobby Cannavale in particular (That loony gangster, Gyp Rosetti from Boardwalk Empire). Bobby was impeccable as Ricky Roma – top salesman.
What I missed was the “Put that coffee down“! scene with Alec Baldwin on his mission of mercy from Mitch and Murray from downtown. “You’re fired“! How could they leave that part out? No ABCs of closing. No A.I.D.A., Attention-Interest-Decision-Action. I was really looking forward to that part, but for some reason they left it out. Probably because Alec Baldwin did such a great job in the movie, that it would be a sin to cast anyone else in that role. Who knows?
GlenGarry Glen Ross portrays the depressing life of a once successful salesperson, Shelly Levene, and who has now lost his ‘Mo-Jo’. Fast forward to the scene where Al Pacino a.k.a. Shelly Levene closes an order and he wants his name put on the board for the 1st prize Cadillac. Shelly wants the world to know he ‘closed’ 8 parcels to Bruce and Harriet Nyborg. Then his ‘crowing’ takes things to a higher level of indignation by rubbing the sales manager’s nose in it. That was his biggest mistake. There’s a sales lesson here…
No matter what, the deal isn’t closed until the check clears. How many times have you closed a sales, and told the wife, or the sales manager about it, and have had the deal pulled out from underneath you? Ugh! That is the worst feeling ever. I’d be lying if I sad that never happened to me. I learned my lesson the hard way when the check didn’t clear, or the prospect backed out of the deal. Can you say “embarrassing”? Awkward! Stupid?
The best thing for any salesperson who closes a sale, but no cleared check in the bank, is to stay ‘even-keeled’. No highs – no lows. Take it in stride. It’s a pending order awaiting the check to clear, and nothing more. Only when the check clears is it an actual closed sale. Everything up to that point is just effort.
However, when the check clears be happy for the moment. Be happy, but don’t get ‘cocky’. Don’t let your pride get in the way of rational thinking. In sales anything that can go wrong will go wrong. No sense in getting yourself all worked up, and making an ass of yourself to others when the check doesn’t clear. The embarrassment you suffer is worse than no order at all.