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They Don’t Want You To Succeed…

January 16, 2013

Famous FailuresBelieve it or not, there are people that you work with, live next door to, or are related to, that don’t want you to become a success. It may sound rather odd, but the fact is that if you become a success you’ll make them look bad. Instead, they will overly criticize you. Some may even downright insult you! They DO NOT want you to become a success in anything because then they will have to explain why they aren’t doing as well as you.
Constructive criticism is a good thing, and you have to know how to take advice from others. There’s a difference between maligning critique, and rendering friendly advice. You just have to know how to recognize it and process it, and by all means DO NOT get defensive about being overly criticized. Let others venomous critique pass right through you like an X-Ray. Getting caught up in the stupidity of others is no way to live, and a sales career is tough enough without you making it even more difficult on yourself.
The attached photo describes the initial failures of some of the leading people in our history. These people at one point in their life were told they weren’t good enough by people who thought they knew it all. The next time someone overly criticizes you, don’t get mad, and don’t get emotional about it. Just give it a another try, and set a personal goal to prove them wrong. There’s no better feeling than when you can tell someone, “I told you so“.