Get to the Point!

pencil pointSalespeople struggle in their dealings with prospects because they ‘beat around the bush’ with the point they are trying to make. Getting to the point is elusive for so many, and it causes needless frustration for salespeople. While getting to the point may make you worry, or even scare you death, cutting to the chase can do wonders for building your confidence, and helping you to close more sales. If you are hesitating with prospects, it’s costing you money, and that should make you worry.
Case in point… Whenever the question of cost comes up in conversation, salespeople tend to ‘run for the hills’ in search of something else to say. Instead, they will divert the conversation over to value, features, and benefits, hoping that the question will go away, and price won’t matter. Why?
When you ‘beat around the bush’ you sound just like a salesman, and a cheap salesman at that. To become a competent negotiator it makes perfect sense to get to the point, and for better, or worse, stand ready to address the response coming back from the prospect. If you are afraid of what the prospect will say, then you need to ask yourself why. Only by facing your fears head on will you be able to conquer them, and move on towards victory.
You will find that getting to the point will give you a brand new refreshing outlook on things. Getting to the point quickly should come as some relief. The truth shall set you free! When you can face the facts, and get to the point without any fear of retribution, you will find yourself to become a clearer thinking individual with a firm grasp of the reality with any sales situation you may be involved with. Take the high road. Be forthright in your dealings with prospects. Get to the point – That’s the making of a winner.


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