How To Get Around The Request For Sales Literature…

BrochuresOne of the most popular questions I get asked by students of the Gold Call are the questions about how to get around, or avoid the request to send sales brochures, or literature.  The root problem with the request for sales literature is how the request happened in the first place. Under the weight of hearing too much product information, prospects take the easy way out and ask for literature by default. If you are “pitching” too many features and benefits in your opening dialogue with prospects chances are darn good you are going to be asked to send sales literature.
Step 1: To avoid the request for sales literature you’ve got to focus your dialogue on the problem you solve. (Example: I solve the following problem, for the following people, and for the following reason)

Step 2: Make sure you’re talking to someone that owns the problem!

Step 3: Determine the prospect’s commitment to solving the problem.

Step 4: Find out if your prospect is willing to have a quick conversation based on the premise that you may be able to solve a problem.

When you are the one asking questions about the existence of a problem, the ownership of the problem, and the commitment to solving the problem, you invariably control the course and direction of the conversation. Asking questions puts you in control!

Summary: STOP telling and start asking! When you ask direct questions you will nullify the default reactions of prospects to request sales literature. And we all know what that really means…


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