Cold Calling is NOT Forever (Thank God!)

Sun_peeking_through_the_cloudsIf you are a salesperson that makes cold calls I need not tell you that it is the hardest part of the profession. Calling complete strangers and trying to make sense and command attention is no easy task. It is also an activity wrought with failure. However, if you can find a way to ‘stomach’ the effort your chances of succeeding in business are much better than someone that never, or hardly ever cold calls. If you really want to succeed bad enough, you’ll find a way to put up with the mundane dialing that telephone everyday. The pain of failure is far worse than the pain associated with trying to succeed.
Here’s some good news – cold calling is not forever! While cold calling is generally a required task for new salespeople starting in their careers, over time ‘rookie’ salespeople should find themselves not having to do much cold calling at all – there will come a time when there should be more emphasis placed on networking and working off referrals. It will take some time, but it will happen.
For now, think of cold calling as an investment. You are putting the time and effort into the process (paying your dues). While you are working at making calls you should be keeping track of everyone you come in contact with and store it away for future reference. Also, it makes sense to connect with as many people as you possibly can through your LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind that it’s one thing to connect on LinkedIn, and another to have a real working connection with someone. So, only connect with the people you feel can do you some real good, or have a specific relevance to your business, or career. Additionally, you should keep an open mind to returning the favor. As you reach out to people on LinkedIn about getting referrals, you should let it be known to your LinkedIn contacts that you are more than willing to reciprocate. What goes around comes around, right?
I am reminded of Zig Ziglar’s book, Secrets of Closing the Sale. In his book Zig explains that if you help enough people get what they want, and put their needs ahead of yours, that people will help you get more of what you want. Manage your networking efforts like a ‘pay it forward’ system.
If you are frustrated with cold calling I feel for you. Dialing the phone can wear you down, and burn you out. To avoid burnout try to think of prospecting more objectively. Think of cold calling as an investment you are making now for the freedom of not having to cold call later on in your career. It is an investment well worth making on all levels. Just do it!

Most importantly, don’t let the ‘turkeys‘ get you down. There is a brighter side to cold calling that can actually make the experience bearable. Want proof? Listen to any of my recorded gold calls on Who says you can’t have any fun on a cold call? Not me…


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