I Found My Trumpet On A Cold Call…

Pete Promo 4You’ll be amazed by the opportunities you’ll find on the other end of the telephone if you are willing to turn the door knob, or make that cold call. Every time you shy away from making a cold call you are cheating yourself out of a true adventure, and perhaps the experience of a lifetime.

Several years ago I was selling a middle office trade management software product to Tier 1 financial institutions. One of my target prospects was Credit-Suisse. They have a huge office in downtown New York on Madison Avenue & 21st Street. I found the name and phone number of the managing director of fixed income trading, and made my cold call.

My prospect and I struck up a good conversation that led to a closed sales appointment on the calendar.

As I was confirming the sales appointment to the calendar I went through the usual process of confirming the phone number, and getting e-mail information so that I could send a calendar invite. As I gave my prospect my phone number he recognized the area code, and asked if I was from Long Island. I said yes, and then he followed up with a question, and asked whether I liked music. I most certainly do, I replied, and that’s when he told me that he played in a band, and that they were playing a concert in Rockville Centre near where I lived. So, we decided to have our scheduled sales meeting at a local pub – a first for me in 25 years of selling.

A couple of weeks later we met for lunch, and it was over lunch that I mentioned that I wished I was in a band, and said that it looked fun. I had played trumpet since grammar school, and all through high school, but never touched the horn again after graduation. My prospect told me that he knew of a retired music teacher that gave trumpet lessons, and gave me his number. So, off I went to the Sam Ash music store, bought a trumpet on display in the window, and scheduled my first lesson. That was 7 years ago…

To make a very, very long story short, after 7 years of taking trumpet lessons and plenty of practice, I look back and can hardly believe what one single cold call to a prospect has done for me.

Upon learning to play the trumpet I started volunteering to sound Taps at U.S. veteran’s internment cemeteries with a military honor guard. http://www.veteransalute.com

I made a guest appearance with Sean Hannity on Fox News, and also played my horn on TV in a Showtime Networks documentary.

A big day for me was when I played ceremonial Taps with the United States Marine Corps. at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

I now play trumpet with a full orchestra, am a member of a brass quartet, play in an 18-piece Big Band orchestra, and have marched in parades down 5th Avenue in New York City.

I know prospecting stinks, and you’d rather do anything else but make a cold call to a prospect. Think again! Something great can happen to you on a cold call. Look what happened to me! Chart a course for a new adventure – make that call!

US Navy Honor GuardWith the U.S. Navy Honor Guard – Annapolis, MD


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One Response to “I Found My Trumpet On A Cold Call…”

  1. Chris Brandi Says:

    Awesome story!

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