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Negative People…

July 24, 2014

debbie downer  Ever spend some time with a negative person? (Wonk-Wonk) Everything is a downer. The sun may be shining, but to ‘negative people’ it is pouring rain every day. There are seven days in a week, but to a negative person, every day is Monday.
When speaking to negative people, no matter how much positive spin you put on a story, a negative person will always attach the downside perspective. I wish they would all just shut the heck up.

The big problem with negative people is that you have to live with them, work with them, travel with them, and sometimes wait on the supermarket checkout line with them. Their persistent whining about things they have no control over is worse than the sound of nails scratching on a blackboard.

The bigger problem with negative people is that their ‘vinegar’ tends to splash all over us whenever they are around. We are a captive audience to their constant pessimism. We hear the negative, and if we’re not careful we can join the “boo-hoo choir” and wind up feeling negative ourselves. Not good!

The sounds of Negative People:
“Our product costs too much”
“No sense in making cold calls in July – everyone is on vacation”
“Why can’t you be like…”
“You can’t do that”
“Why bother”
“That won’t work”

There comes a time when you have to turn your ‘hearing aid’ off and pay no attention to negative people. Negative people tend to assume they can pull friends & co-workers into the negative abyss with them. Misery loves company , but don’t let it be you!

Whenever you encounter a negative person simply nod politely and explain that you have to run to a meeting, or jump on a call. No sense sticking around to hear their ‘sob story’ – you’ve got a job to do.


Turning Lemons into Lemonade

July 17, 2014

Tim's PlaceWatch this 90-second video and I dare you not to cry.
Here is a fellow named Tim who Is not about to let life’s challenges get in the way of his dreams of owning a restaurant, and achieving happiness and success in life.
As you will soon see, Tim knows how to live. He is passionate about everything he does. He loves coming to work, owning his own business, and most importantly, Tim has a never-ending passion for showing people his appreciation.

Imagine what you could achieve in this world if you only had half of Tim’s passion, and his penchant for seeing the positive side of EVERYTHING. The power of positive thinking can propel you to new heights you never thought possible. Tim shows us how…
Watch Tim’s Place Video (90-seconds)

Go Down Swinging!

July 11, 2014

Go Down SwingingIt’s hard to be positive in a negative world. There are times when nothing seems to go right. The purchase order didn’t arrive when promised, your messages aren’t returned by prospects, your boss is an idiot, and perhaps your ‘take home pay’ ain’t enough to take you home. In a negative world there are more than enough frustrations and disappointments to go around.
If you’re stuck in a ‘rut’, and not sure what to do, the last thing you want to be thinking is about ‘throwing in the towel’. Giving up is no answer to a problem. If you’re an optimist, then you realize that there really are answers to every problem if you know how to go about it.
The first step towards filtering out the negative and focusing on the positive all starts with your attitude. Negative things that impact your career and personal life can tear down your confidence and cause you to spend more time lamenting about your circumstances rather than seeking solutions that will refresh your ability to carry on. And carry on we must!
So… How does one go about thinking positive in a negative world? Again, it all comes down to attitude.
Ever hear the phrase, “I’d rather go down swinging”? Sure you have, but what does it really mean?
Go down swinging is an attitude. It means you’d rather fight than quit. Quitting means defeat, and allowing whatever affects us negatively to conquer our thoughts, and sense of being. Is that any way for a winner to think? Certainly not, but for many people quitting is the easy way out, and for some crazy reason, quitting is actually seen as the solution to the problem by default.
Whatever your circumstances are I’d rather see you fight than quit. Don’t let that boss, customer, sales prospect, or whatever drag you down. Fight back with attitude. You can do it.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. So take that shot anyway, and manage your expectations to avoid a sense of disappointment and frustration later on. You have two choices to make everyday; either you’re going to allow ‘it’ to get to you, or YOU are going to go out and get ‘it’. Even in the face of possible defeat you should take pride and give yourself credit for at least trying. That’s how winners think.

So, for those of you feeling down, and perhaps feeling a bit defeated, let me suggest that you should not let the negative get the better of you. Easier said than done I understand, but still, are you going to allow circumstances beyond your control make you feel worthless? I certainly hope not. You are better than that.
It’s far better to go down swinging than take no swing at all. Consider this, right now there is someone somewhere that would benefit from your product or service, and it’s up to you to go and find them. Customers are waiting for your call, so it’s just a matter of making the effort, and realizing that sooner or later someone is going to buy your product, or hire you. Make that call…

Consider this – the plight of Thomas Edison as he tried to invent the incandescent light bulb:
When asked about failure Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe.”

Now get out there and make it a great day!

The Power of Positve Thinking – Redeux

July 7, 2014

IMG_1012When: Thursday, July 17th @ 1:00 PM EDT 10:00 AM PDT

Wanted to let you know that I’m fine tuning my presentation ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. Looking forward to greeting each of you on the 17th!

I live on Long Island and I occasionally get to the beach. This past weekend it was Jones Beach, and it was mobbed! Having lived here on Long Island all my life I can say without hesitation that the traffic here is unbearable. This past weekend was no exception. As my bad luck would have it, it seemed that everyone else decided to head to Jones Beach at the same time. I was stuck in traffic, and I wasn’t happy about it.

After a few U turns and frustrated waiting times for a parking spot, I was about to throw in the proverbial beach towel and head home for another boring day in the back yard. Then it struck me. Why was I allowing circumstances beyond my control to alter my otherwise joyful frame of mind? Why was I allowing traffic to intrude on a beautiful day with blue skies, and a look at the sandy beach and blue ocean? Why? Because I chose to be miserable instead of thinking about the positive outcome – like putting my toes in the sand, having a cold beer, and a chance to relax and read one of my favorite books, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’.

Often times we focus our attention on the bad, and the good gets very little, if any credit. That’s human nature.
One of the best ways to achieve a more positive life is to start conditioning your mind to prioritize and accent the positive whenever you encounter a negative moment. Rather than over inflate the reality of the problem, why not try and discount it, and try focusing on the other positive aspects of your life?. Easier said than done, but certainly possible if you can train your mind to stop panicking about the stupid stuff and focus your energy on seeing the lighter side of things, and understand that there is a solution to every problem if you can exercise a little patience.

By the way, after taking a deep breath and deciding to take one more lap around the Jones Beach parking lot to find a spot, someone just happened to pull out of a spot in the front row right in front of me. I couldn’t believe my luck! A short walk to the beach later and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for being so ticked off about the traffic and parking. Things really do work themselves out eventually. Oh happy day!

If you looking for some great insight from personal experience on how to re-program your mind to thinking positive, then Join me on Thursday, July 17th @ 1000 PDT, 1:00 PM EDT for a discussion on how to harness the ‘Power of Positive Thinking’

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Topics of discussion:
* You are luckier than you think!
* Bad sales calls are NOT the end of the world
* Quick ideas for chasing the ‘blues’
* You’re #1 no matter what

Click Here: ‘That’s Life’ – Frank Sinatra

You Think You Have Problems?

July 2, 2014

Lou GehrigNo matter how bad things may seem there is always someone less fortunate than you. We don’t often think of things in this way, and that is the prevailing reason why our thoughts are often negative despite the positive. The strongest people in history have always faced some form of adversity, but they found a way to persevere despite the obstacles. Think of Jackie Robinson. Despite the vitriolic hate spewed from the mouths of racist haters in the stands at Ebbets Field, Jackie Robinson took the field and let his bat and glove do the talking. Jackie was an American hero to say the least. He had the passion to persevere, and he did so with the utmost class.

Another American hero did something similar back on July 4th 1939. Lou Gehrig, in spite of his health, and knowing that he would eventually die from his illness, took to the microphone and let a Yankee Stadium crowd know just how lucky he was despite his “bad break”. Could you or I even contemplate doing something similar?
Most people dwell on the negative, and allow it to control their lives, but not Lou! Despite his “bad break” he was grateful for what he had. When the ‘chips’ are down, be like Lou. When you face adversity, walk tall and proud like Jackie Robinson. Don’t let the ‘turkeys’ bring you down!


Lou Gehrig, July 4, 1939

“Fans, for the past two weeks, you have been reading about the bad break I got. Yet today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. I have been in ballparks for 17 years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans.

“Look at these grand men. Which of you wouldn’t consider it the highlight of his career just to associate with them for even one day? Sure, I’m lucky. Who wouldn’t consider it an honor to have known Jacob Ruppert? Also, the builder of baseball’s greatest empire, Ed Barrow? To have spent six years with that wonderful little fellow, Miller Huggins? Then to have spent the next nine years with that outstanding leader, that smart student of psychology, the best manager in baseball today, Joe McCarthy? Sure, I’m lucky.

“When the New York Giants, a team you would give your right arm to beat, and vice versa, sends you a gift — that’s something. When everybody down to the groundskeepers and those boys in white coats remember you with trophies — that’s something. When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter — that’s something. When you have a father and a mother who work all their lives so you can have an education and build your body — it’s a blessing. When you have a wife who has been a tower of strength and shown more courage than you dreamed existed — that’s the finest I know.

“So I close in saying . . . that I may have had a bad break, but I’ve got an awful lot to live for. Thank you.”