Negative People…

debbie downer  Ever spend some time with a negative person? (Wonk-Wonk) Everything is a downer. The sun may be shining, but to ‘negative people’ it is pouring rain every day. There are seven days in a week, but to a negative person, every day is Monday.
When speaking to negative people, no matter how much positive spin you put on a story, a negative person will always attach the downside perspective. I wish they would all just shut the heck up.

The big problem with negative people is that you have to live with them, work with them, travel with them, and sometimes wait on the supermarket checkout line with them. Their persistent whining about things they have no control over is worse than the sound of nails scratching on a blackboard.

The bigger problem with negative people is that their ‘vinegar’ tends to splash all over us whenever they are around. We are a captive audience to their constant pessimism. We hear the negative, and if we’re not careful we can join the “boo-hoo choir” and wind up feeling negative ourselves. Not good!

The sounds of Negative People:
“Our product costs too much”
“No sense in making cold calls in July – everyone is on vacation”
“Why can’t you be like…”
“You can’t do that”
“Why bother”
“That won’t work”

There comes a time when you have to turn your ‘hearing aid’ off and pay no attention to negative people. Negative people tend to assume they can pull friends & co-workers into the negative abyss with them. Misery loves company , but don’t let it be you!

Whenever you encounter a negative person simply nod politely and explain that you have to run to a meeting, or jump on a call. No sense sticking around to hear their ‘sob story’ – you’ve got a job to do.


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One Response to “Negative People…”

  1. Chris Stark Says:

    Something I regularly remind myself and others to do is to constantly update two lists of names: The first list are names of those who elevate you, and the second list are names of those who bring you down. The advice, then, is to initiate more interaction with those on the first list and avoid-at-all-costs those on the second (even if there are people on it who you”should” stay in contact with).

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